If you started post-secondary studies at another institution and would like to transfer to IIE MSA, you must meet the minimum admission requirements of the IIE qualification that you want to study for. You may also apply for advanced standing (credit transfer) for the work you have already completed (limited as per qualification). Credit transfer is approved at the discretion of the Faculty if the module content is determined to be commensurate with the module offered at IIE MSA. Credit transfer must be approved prior to commencing your studies at IIE MSA.

You must provide all of the following documents relating to your previous course:

  • An academic transcript reflecting final academic results (original certified copy).
  • An explanation of what the results mean (usually found on the back of the transcript) which is called the Grading Scale.
  • An extract from the handbook, detailing the qualification structure and credit points (or equivalent weightings).
  • A module syllabus including the assessment requirements for each module you’re seeking credit for (include number of hours and textbooks used).
  • Proof of English proficiency, e.g. proof that study at home university/institution was offered in English or formal English score.
  • Complete your application online.
  • Also complete the form for credit transfer and attach this to your application as credits must be approved prior to commencement of studies.